Super Informative Phenibut Experience Reports from 3 Users

Phenibut is a pretty interesting drug. It was developed as an analogue of GABA that could cross the blood brain barrier.

Structurally, Phenibut is very similar to Baclofen. The only difference between the two molecules is that Baclofen has a chlorine atom in the para position on the benzene ring. Phenibut lacks this chlorine atom.

Phenibut is used both recreationally and as a nootropic. Since phenibut is a central nervous system depressant, it tends to promote a sense of relaxation and decrease anxiety. Some nootropics users also use it as a sleep aid. There’s some tentative evidence that Phenibut increases slow wave sleep. Slow wave sleep is the most restorative component of sleep.

Phenibut Experience Reports

These Phenibut experience reports are an interesting read.

Phenibut is sublime, I like it

Synthetic GABA I think is what phenibut is. That’s at least what I tell my friends when they ask what the new cap that I’m taking is and phenibut sounds like a goofy joke. I’ve been taking phenibut for about a month off and now on, mostly because I enjoy seeing how they impact my consciousness and trying new substances.

I ingested two grams this morning. I try to limit my phenibut intake. I woke up in a resort — I’ve been traveling for work and invited my girlfriend to stay for a week with me, so every night we’ve been staying up and playing. Dragging myself out of bed is tough, late nights along with substance use (non-phenibut) always makes 6:45am suck hard. This has changed since beginning the phenibut.

It doesn’t totally adulterate me, but only like, ‘this is definitely going to be a good day, I feel good and that I am going to be able to function smoothly now.’ This is my current state. I sat on the corner of the bed for a minute holding my head and trying to talk myself into being prepared for my day and got out of bed. Then I got up and took the phenibut and got dressed and drove to work. I’m beginning to notice the phenibut as others arrive and I ask them how they’re doing and detect that I really care…. generally without slumber I sorta hide away and do not participate folks because I just feel all around icky.

I’d say it is sublime. I like it.


Despite his inability to speak normally, my friend promised me that he was having the time of his life

After a lot of research I made the decision to purchase 100g of the aforementioned substance.

As I do with most substances I’ve purchased, I had my friends help me test the effects of phenibut.

Sadly the dose curve varied strongly between individuals. Some folks reacted to a just 200mg (placebo?) While others required at least a gram to meet with a threshold. I decided from volunteers that phenibut really demonstrated the effects mentioned before, after a week of testing and doses reaching a maximum of 15 grams. Most individuals compared it to Valium, what they believed heroin would be like, or booze.

It should also be taken into account that we determined than an insufflated dose of no more than 50mg is about equal to 2 grams. This implies some breakdown in the gut or intestines.

The following records my knowledge of phenibut.

1 hour after I could begin to feel a strong sedative effect come over me. Every muscle in my body began to feel relaxed and I started to feel somewhat drowsy. A couple of minutes later I began to lose my sense of balance and motor function. My friend was having trouble standing up and talking in complete sentences. Despite his inability to speak normally, my friend promised me that he was having the time of his life.

Continue my independent studies on it and I shall continue to purchase phenibut.


It can make me a blathering fool by lowering inhibition

My new drug is a comparatively unheard of nutritional supplement called phenibut. I’d not always call it a drug but more of a neurotransmitter with effects that are similar to GABA. GABA is the principal inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. Inhibitory does not mean that it doesn’t do anything, far from it, phenibut is a VERY strong substance. When I was researching nutritional supplements to help relieve my mental anguish I first read about phenibut online. You see I was once addicted to various drugs including the devil crack cocaine and Oxy. Crack was another story, although I was able to stop Oxycontin, albeit suffering acute withdrawal symptoms several times. As many people know cocaine becomes a mental habit that is a lot more difficult to quit than opiates, in my opinion. The ritual of cooking my own personal crack up was almost as entertaining as smoking that first rock. I was just able to stop using pawned my items, lost my job, spent all my money, when got a DUI and stole from my family. I used to get terrible paranoia, lock myself in my room after smoking and this didn’t go away after I stopped. I had nightmares about folks crawling through my window, entirely irrational, and dreams about smoking crack and awakening to find I was covered in sweat on the floor of my room. Needless to say I was a mess.

After trying various herbal nutritional supplements including, Rhodeola roesea, St. John’s Wort and other moderately effective and overpriced vitamins and herbs I seen phenibut. This sounded like good items. I located a vendor online who sold phenibut as a powder in volume. 30g was purchased by me and waited for UPS to deliver my product. When it eventually arrived I was so overcome with longing and anticipation I chugged it down and immediately mixed up a heaping spoonful in some Gatorade. YUCK! This stuff is total, it tasted sweet yet bitter and somewhat salty. I’d describe it as similar to booze or Valium. Being an enthusiast by nature I always need more so I drank another bitter orange flavored phenibut concoction. I got drowsy and went to bed expecting to wake refreshed. No such luck, I woke up and was even more fucked up than when I went to sleep. Plus my throat was so dry that my uvula had swollen up and was like a big balloon in the back of my throat. I drank copious amounts of water as well as the effects waned during the day. As the acute feeling decreased I found that I loved the milder effects much more in relation to the intense. This was not bad, I’d discovered a pleasurable material which was by its very nature self limiting.

While experimenting with various dosages over the period of a week I read as much as I could about phenibut and analogous substances. I thought about this and I recognized that I ‘d not thought about cocaine once the whole week, and after I ran out of my supply of phenibut the fortuitous benefit stayed with me. I actually don’t understand why this worked but I believe phenibut down modulated the overactive area of my brain that craved cocaine.

Phenibut has benefits and drawbacks. It can make me a blathering fool by lowering inhibition. This is often a great thing if you’re bashful, but could additionally make an outgoing man over exuberant. The effects are additive as booze works on similar neurotransmitters namely GABA if I combine alcohol and phenibut. I took methadone and drank with phenibut at the same time and was completely gone. Now phenibut is taken by me only when I wish to be social and go out with friends. Some came back for more and others stayed away, it just depends upon personal taste.

All in all phenibut is a different drug with possible addiction cessation properties and unusual effects. Use with caution and knowledge of the benefits and negative effects.

These records my experience on phenibut.

At about 10pm I ingested approximately 5 grams of phenibut on an empty stomach with a buddy of mine whom ingested about 12 grams of phenibut.

1 hour afterwards I could begin to feel a strong sedative effect come over me. Every muscle in my body started to feel relaxed and I began to feel somewhat drowsy. A couple of minutes after I started to lose motor function and my sense of balance. My friend was having trouble standing up and speaking in complete sentences.

I’ll continue to buy phenibut and continue my independent studies on it.


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