Best Authority Neuroscience Blogs of 2015

Best Neuroscience Blogs of 2015

Best Neuroscience Blogs

This list if not exhaustive and reflects personal taste rather than an objective assessment.

brainfacts-logo2x Blog

Conversation and opinion in the field of neuroscience. Many articles are non-technical and would be accessible to the general public. is an initiative of the society for neuroscience and other leading nonprofits working to advance neuroscience research. One of their most controversial articles is Watching TV Alters Children’s Brain Structure and Lowers IQ.



Neuroskeptic is part of Discover Blogs (recommended by scicurious1). Their most popular post is Your Brain Is Bigger In The Morning.


The Neurocritic 

The Neurocritic writes about sensationalist neuroscience and bad neuro-journalism with a compelling and sometimes snarky voice. If you haven’t already, you’ve got to check out One Brain Network For All Mental Illness, which discusses neuronal circuitry and psychiatric nosology.


Neurologica Blog 

A blog by Steven Novella, MD, an academic neurologist at the Yale School of Medicine. Dr. Novella draws on many disciplines, including the philosophy of science, critical thinking, and cognitive neuroscience. One of Dr. Novella’s most incisive posts is The Google University Effect.

mind hacks


When society isn’t judging, women’s sex drive rivals men’s is a compelling read. MindHacks produces content that is thought-provoking and original, instead of simply summarizing recent publications like some neuroscience aggregators. MH also frequently discusses neuroscience and psychology in the context of current events.


Neurophilosophy (The Guardian)

Mo Costandi’s piece, Self-control saps memory resources, is a lively discussion about response inhibition, the marshmallow effect, and working memory. More recently, Mo published a post on the relationship between body posture during sleep and the clearance of neurotoxic metabolites in the brain. The notion that sleep “cleans” the brain was developed by Nedergaard in her awe-inspiring 2013 Science paper – which is also worth reading. The sleep-Alzheimer’s link seems to be gaining a lot of transaction.


Brain Blogger

Brain Blogger is more of a curated content aggregator with multiple contributors than a blog. They accept submissions about a wide array of subjects, with an emphasis on neuroscience, psychiatry, and mental health. The content is very accessible and usually avoids unnecessarily technical language. You might be interested in Neuronal Transplantation May Restore Brain Functionality by Viatcheslav Wlassoff, PhD. I certainly was!



Outrageously entertaining deconstruction of sensationalist neurojournalism. You won’t be complete until you read Porsche take EEG marketing bollocks to the next level. Here’s an excerpt:

“Porsche is the well-known midlife-crisis-enabling company that makes expensive toys for micro-phallused executives, but they clearly have ambitions to make a splash in the world of neuroscience with their latest stunt.”


Deric’s MindBlog

Deric Bownds identifies major trends in neuroscience and has a knack for finding journal publications that have a lot of import and relevancy.  Deric’s published books, lectured, and has a podcast. Moreover, he is an Emeritus Professor of Molecular Biology and Zoology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison*. *I enjoyed reading about the pro-cognitive effects of exercise and intermittent fasting on the MindBlog.



A wonderful blog by Shelly Fan of UCSF that addresses many important trends in neuroscience. She studies ways to reverse age-related cognitive decline. You might like Shining Light on the Dark Side of Oxytocin.