Where to Buy Piracetam: The Ultimate Piracetam Shopping Guide

Where to Buy Piracetam Online

If you’re looking to buy piracetam, there are a number of considerations you should take into account when selecting a source: quality control practices, reputation, packaging, price, shipping policies, customer service, and others.

Although Piracetam is no longer available from large online retailers like Amazon, there are a number of reliable vendors that sell Piracetam. In general, the nootropics vendors with the best reputation are:

There are actually only three major vendors, because Nootropics Depot is owned by Ceretropic. Ceretropic has brought a lot of novel products to market (like tianeptine sulphate), but they’re prices for common nootropics like Piracetam are unnecessarily steep. They’re subsidiary NootropicsDepot is priced more reasonably.

Peak Nootropics sells the cheapest piracetam by weight (8 cents per gram), but this price advantage is nullified by their $8.97 shipping fee. Nootropics Depot and PowderCity offer the next cheapest piracetam at 10 cents per gram. PowderCity does provide certificates of analysis (COAs) for their products, but this documentation is only available upon request and they do not allow their COAs to be published online.

Nootrico is a reliable vendor, but some have criticized their affiliate marketing practices, which may undermine their credibility depending on who you ask.

Note: if this table contains any inaccuracies or omissions, contact brainprotips@gmail.com to get it updated.

Comparing Nootropic Sellers

by Colmaric Analyticals
Vendor Piracetam Cost Piracetam Cost/Gram Estimated Shipping Cost Purity (recent batch) Certificates of Analysis
BlueBrainBoost $7.95 (80g) 0.10 $/g Free over $20 >99% Independent COA by Colmaric Analyticals
Ceretropic $14.99 (125 g) 0.12 $/g $5 (USPS First Class 100% COA (manufacturer)
Nootropics Depot $12.99 (125 g) 0.10 $/g Free over $50 Not posted In-house laboratory testing
PowderCity $12.99 (125 g) 0.10 $/g Free over $20 Not posted Independent COA by Colmaric Analyticals (by request only)
Pure Nootropics $19.25 (150 g) 0.13 $/g Free Shipping 99.1% Independent COA
Star Nootropics (formerly NSN) $14.95 (100 g) 0.15 $/g $3.65 (USPS First Class) 99.9% Independent COA by Bruker [HNMR] and [LCMS]
Peak Nootropics $39.99 (500 g) 0.08 $/g $8.97 (USPS Priority) 101.4% Independent COA by Colmaric Analyticals
Nootrico $26.99 (200 g) 0.13 $/g $4.74 (USPS First Class) 101.2% Independent [COA] by Colmaric Analyticals

It is always refreshing when vendors provide accurate information along with a research chemical or supplement. Upselling and overhyping the benefits of a nootropic insults the internet’s collective intelligence and undermines vendor credibility.

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